Grand Lake Bait

Grand Lake St. Marys Tournament Winners

Jeff Toben and John Andreoni hold up four of their 8-fish winning limit of 8.72 pounds at a fall Grand Lake Crappie Series Tournament.

Fall Crappie Time

The fall crappies are starting to move in at all of the canal lakes. Fishing should improve with cooler weather.

june high water

June high water calls for some adjustments in fishing tactics.

Big Poles for Big Cats

A great day for catfishing. Fishermen rig heavy for big cats.

Big Channel

Six-fish winning weight for the April Catmaster tournament at St. Marys was 61.95 pounds. Big channel cat weighed in at 20.30 pounds.

record catch

Doug Wehrley and Dean Smith caught this Catmaster tournament record at Lake St. Marys in 2013 with a 6-fish limit of over 65 pounds.

Grand Lake St. Marys Report

Indian Lake Report

Lakeside Pro Bass Shop reports that the crappie fishing started picking up last week. The fish have to be hunted, but some good keepers are being taken. Fishermen are using jigs and plastic tails. Wax worms and spikes are commonly added to the combination. Bluegill fishing is decent. Small spider jigs and wax worms are popular.


Lake Loramie Report

According to Spillway Bait and Tackle, fishermen are looking for and finding some panfish. The water around the 119 Bridge and the Luthman Bridge is a steady producer. Bluegill fishing continues to be good. Fishing pressure has been steady. Fishermen are using small jigs tipped with plastic tails for both bluegills and crappies.


Oct 16 2015

Outdoors with Forda Birds---By John Andreoni

It looks like a beautiful day for the 46th annual Walk with Nature. According to the weather gurus, we’re supposed to have sunny skies and cool temperatures making for great conditions to hike along the Miami-Erie Canal. Of course, anytime is a good time to take a walk, but having good weather is just frosting on the cake.

I won’t be making the “official” walk this year since I’ll be on the water somewhere taking part in a fishing tournament. It’s great when a person has problems scheduling fun activities and one of the benefits of old age, I guess, if there are any. Regardless, it’s not that I enjoy fishing more than walking the towpath. It’s just that one is more easily accessible and available. For me, fishing is seasonal and getting on the water is more complicated than it should be. The canal, on the other hand, is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Now, that’s a thought. How about an after-dark Walk with Nature. It would be different and definitely challenging.

I still walk along the canal from time to time, although not as often as I used to. I can’t remember the first time I walked from St. Marys to the 40-Acre Pond, but it was at least 65 years ago. I also couldn’t put a number on the times I made the trip. I’ve walked the canal, biked the canal, pulled a sled along the canal, boated the canal, canoed the canal, and even drove a small jeep along the canal from the “40” to St. Marys. The jeep ride was before the highway by-pass and during a time when no one seemed to mind what sort of vehicle was tearing the place up. There just weren’t too many rules and regulations along the canal back in the day. It was off the beaten path, and law enforcement people usually found better places to spend their time. The Miami-Erie Canal towpath was a great spur-of-the-moment place to just hang out. There was always something to see and do.

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