Lake St. Marys July Cats

The team of Osting and Kriegel won the July Catmaster Tournament at Lake St. Marys. The winning weight was 49.50 pounds for a six-fish limit. They also had big fish that weighed 15.95 pounds

Lake Loramie Bluegills

Mike Deiters of Minster holds some Lake Loramie bluegills. The males are working the nests.

Indian Lake White Bass

Thurman Brown and Kevin Edwards of Columbus show a couple of Indian Lake white bass from their well-filled cooler.

Grand Lake Crappie Winners

The team of Freeman and Freeman weighed in a ten-fish limit over 10 pounds to win the first Grand Lake Crappie Series tournament of 2014.

Ice-Breaker Catfish

Shane Powers and Jeff Perry won the 2014 March Catmaster tournament at Lake St. Marys. This is part of their 6-fish limit that weighed over 43 pounds. The big fish weight was 13 pounds 9 ounces. It took over 42 pounds for second place.

record catch

Doug Wehrley and Dean Smith won the 5/11 Catmaster tournament at Lake St. Marys with a record 6-fish limit of 65.9 pounds. Jeff Devilbiss and Don Collins took 2nd with 52.9 pounds and Blake and Tony Osting took 3rd with 44.75 pounds. The tournament ran from 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Big fish was 14 pounds.

Grand Lake St. Marys Report

The fall fishing continues to pick up. Cooler temperatures are having a positive effect on the crappie fishing. Some large crappies are being taken by bank fishermen, but they have to be hunted. Docks are popular structure. Fishermen are fishing deeper and working jigs slower. Don’t ignore fishing toward the middle of channels.


Indian Lake Report

Lakeside Pro Bass Shop reported that fall fishing has turned on and is in full swing. Bluegill fishing has been excellent. Once located, numerous seven to nine inch fish are showing up.  Small jigs tipped with wax worms are the baits of choice. Crappies have also been doing well and limit catches have been reported.


Lake Loramie Report

Spillway Bait and Tackle reports that nice catches of bluegills are being taken. Catches over 50 have been reported. Seven and eight inch fish are not unusual. Small jigs and plastic tails are popular. Most fishermen tip their hooks with wax worms. Crappie fishing is starting to pick up. More and more keepers are being taken.


Oct 24 2014

Outdoors with Forda Birds---By John Andreoni

The 45th annual Walk with Nature was held last Sunday. Instead of joining the walk, I decided to beat the rush and take the 6.5 mile walk a couple of days early. I don’t know how many times I’ve hiked out to the 40-Acre Pond and back over the years, but it has to be in the hundreds. I probably did it the first time with my dad more than 65 years ago, and by the time I was 10 or 11, my friends and I roamed it frequently. One observation I can honestly report is that in all of those jaunts there wasn’t a time that I didn’t see something new.

I started walking from the parking lot just off High Street in St. Marys and was immediately impressed with the new park area. There isn’t a city around that wouldn’t want to showcase a spot like that. That impression was immediately squashed as I watched a large excavator rip down sections of the old power plant. Once removed, it will be interesting to see how that piece of property is developed. The train trestle was still standing where I had left it, and my first thought was the times we shot clay targets thrown from it. A buddy would sling the birds down the canal and we would shoot at them from the towpath. We learned to wing shoot that way. Unfortunately, all of our targets only went right to left. I think the city fathers wouldn’t approve of the activity today.

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Oct 10 2014

Outdoors with Forda Birds---By John Andreoni

The weather took a turn last weekend as the first shot of cooler weather hit the area reminding us that fall is here. Some people liked the change, some didn't. However, one group that had to be thrilled were waterfowl hunters, especially the young ones. Last weekend, Ohio youth hunters had the opportunity to get an early start on the 2014 waterfowl season. For two days, young hunters, accompanied by non-hunting adults, were able to experience a quality hunt without the pressures of the regular opening day. It was a chance for them to learn about the sport and make mistakes without being scrutinized by the regular waterfowl hunting fraternity. Overall, the youth hunt can be a positive experience. They will be outside, most will see birds, and many will get off a shot or two.

There are many reasons to have various youth hunts throughout the season. It’s a sales pitch to add numbers to the hunter pool. That might sound a bit cynical, but it isn’t intended to be. In order to sustain sport hunting, a new batch of hunters are needed to replace the old. Without a solid hunter base, the sport can’t survive because hunters are the grease that keeps the axle from squealing. Hunters keep their sport alive.

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