Grand Lake Bait

Beaver Creek 2015

Beaver Creek below the West Bank Spillway is a saugeye/walleye hotspot at Grand Lake St. Marys. Crappie fishing can be good as well.

record catch

Doug Wehrley and Dean Smith won the 5/11 Catmaster tournament at Lake St. Marys with a record 6-fish limit of 65.9 pounds. Jeff Devilbiss and Don Collins took 2nd with 52.9 pounds and Blake and Tony Osting took 3rd with 44.75 pounds. The tournament ran from 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Big fish was 14 pounds.

Grand Lake St. Marys Report

Average temperatures have done little to improve six to seven inch ice cover. Refrozen ice is generally weaker. The annual drawdown takes place between October 15 and March 15, but an effort is made to limit activity to help insure safe ice. Rapid drawdowns can produce currents and affect the fishing at the west bank area and other areas.


Indian Lake Report

Lakeside Pro Bass Shop reports 7-inch ice at the lake. Ice fishermen are on the ice and finding fish. Bluegill fishing is excellent and 7-inch fish are common. Some crappies are also being taken. Fishermen are using small ice jigs and blades tipped with small plastic tails. Wax worms and spikes are usually added to the combination.


Lake Loramie Report

Spillway Bait and Tackle reports that fishermen are finding fish. The ice thickness is running six to seven inches. Bluegills of mixed sizes are being taken now with good numbers of keepers. Some keeper crappies are also showing up. Fishermen were catching nice bluegills at the Brick House Channel on 119 and in the Minster Branch.


Jan 26 2015

Outdoors with Forda Birds---By John Andreoni

The duck season is long over, but a few hardcore waterfowlers are chasing geese until January 31. Since the numbers are good, those wishing to spend the time scouting and hunting these trophy birds can have some success. Overall, whether or not hunters had what they consider a good waterfowl season depends a lot on where and when they hunted. From what I understand, after the early part of the season when there were some local birds, things went downhill. An unexpected cold snap put a quick layer of ice on the lake when the split season reopened, and, for the most part, the ducks had moved south. After that, migrating birds came in spurts, and if they did come through the area, didn’t stay very long. Although the lakes provided more days of open water than last year, the hunting wasn’t any better. At least, that’s the gist of some of the reports I’ve been receiving.

Bust or not, waterfowl hunters will have another opportunity to take part in the 2015 Wetland Habitat Survey. This Division of Wildlife questionnaire gathers basic information and comments from hunters and those who buy the stamp for whatever other reasons. This information is considered in setting future waterfowl hunting regulations. All one needs to do to take this survey is to provide a name and a Customer ID number that appears on any state hunting or fishing license.

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Jan 18 2015

Outdoors with Forda Birds---By John Andreoni

I barely remember an old phone we had hanging in the back room of our candy store. It was out of service then, but it used to be the only communication device in the building. To make it work, you held the receiver, turned the crank, and an operator would ask who you were trying to call. Eventually, a dial phone became the mainstay where we lived above the store and it had a dial along with a four-digit phone number. It was one phone for the entire building, one phone for the entire family. Today, just now, I put down my smart phone. My wife and I have our own that we always carry. Yes, I can still make a phone call, but I usually text. I also check the weather, use it as a GPS, go on the internet, check my Facebook accounts, play with Google Earth, take and record pictures, and occasionally use the other applications that strike my fancy. Technology is grand, isn’t it?

There’s a natural law of survival that says man only invents what he needs or thinks he needs. That’s a fact. Another fact is that many who invent do so not always for the betterment of society but for profit. That’s the entrepreneurship mentality everyone seems to think is such a great idea. In the old days, that probably had some merit. The iron plow, the steam engine, electricity, the cotton gin, gun powder, all probably had some merit. Today, it’s a little different. The inventers and developers not only create the technology but also create the need. In many cases, that’s a good thing. In other cases, I’m not so sure. There are many times when technology passes our ability to handle it properly.

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